What do people think of Little Monkeys Nurserys?

August 2012

You and your team have been absolutely amazing in helping Tom become the lovely little man that he is.

You have made a difference is so many ways to him.... he is confident, loving, cheeky, sharing, adventurous with food, a great obeyor (most of the time!) of the golden rules, independent and full of energy.

Both Tom and I have many many fond memories of his time with you. I have every confidence that your solid grounding with him will assist with him settling in easily at St Georges in September.

I don't recall any awkward times with you or fallouts.... You have always given me good, honest feedback which I have taken on board and I hope I have done the same to you.

In short you and your team have been wonderful.

January 2012

'I would like to thank everyone at Little Monkeys for everything their did for our son ****** who has loved every minute he was at the nursery. He only came for 2 afternoons a week, but was made to feel like a member of the family and made some lifelong friends in the people who cared for him. He has since started pre-school and has taken a lot of confidence and skills learnt at Little Monkeys to this. He misses the girls dearly and still talks about them. Wishing you and the team the very best for the future, we miss you all!'

June 2010

I would like to put on record how wonderful you and the whole team at the nursery have been throughout ****** and **** time with you. ***** started with you in January 2005 and from the start you have been a professional and caring environment with the children’s interests at the very heart of everything you do. Both my children have thoroughly enjoyed their time with you and always have a full fun packed day to talk about when they get home. It would be impossible to single out any one of their carer’s but I would like to say each and every one of them have been terrific, always eager to tell me what the children have been up to during the day and showing a real interest in helping them to develop and progress through their early years. Yours is a first class nursery – the best and thank you so much.

I would like to wish you and the team the team the very best for the future and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends and family.’

May 2010

‘Just wanted to say thanks for a great parents evening last night. I had forgotten that you have folders for the children (bad mother!) and had no idea just how detailed your Early Years Foundation Stage mapping is; I am so impressed! I’ve pointed **** in the direction of **** folder too, so that he has a look. It makes me realise that nursery, and particularly your nursery, has been the right choice for **** – there is absolutely no way we could give her what you do, and for that we are very grateful.

I must say, Asma has been an absolute delight and I know she loves **** to bits, in addition to being super-professional. I just love the fact that she was taking me through **** folder last night in a suitably formal wayv, but was obviously (and rightly) personally proud of how **** is developing. **** and I don’t have family living close by, so it’s especially important to us that **** has a close network which is not purely reliant on just us, and we feel like Little Monkeys has become part of our family now.

Once again, I can’t thank you enough’

April 2010

To all the Little Monkey’s team,

We are so proud of the way **** is growing up and the person he is becoming and in no small way this has happened with your team. Can’t say how sad we are to be leaving and that *** won’t have the great start that **** has enjoyed.

You have the best product but that really doesn’t describe the family approach with care and love you give our children.

Although we’ve moved from Windsor and our jobs make Little Monkey’s unfeasible – things change and you’ll be the first we call. We will pop in if that’s ok to say hello and of course will miss you all.

Keep up the good work you do for all the children.

February 2010

Dear Little Monkeys Team

It's hard to say goodbye, this time for real, as you played such an important part of our lives here in England. Both *** & **** loved to come to your nursery school every day and we knew that you would take wonderful care of them! We will miss you all a lot! Thank you for everything!

January 2010

A huge thank you from the **** family for absolutely everything you have done for *** over the last 2 years! She really has had a wonderful time with you, and no wonder, you have created a fantastically inviting nursery, which really does feel like family. The best thing we ever did was move her from the 'other' nursery to you guys, as far as we are concerned, you knock spots off them.

December 2009

We are continuously complemented on ***'s behaviour, especially when she is playing with other children. The fact that she is such a well rounded toddler, is in the main, down to her positive experiences at nursery. You have a fantastic team of child care professional and I would not hesitate in recommending the nursery to friends and colleagues.

August 2009

Dear Little Monkeys

Thank you for a lovely time at nursery. I love going on the swing and going on the cars. I enjoy playing with the ribbons. I like it when we do cooking and I like playing with the balls and the fishes. I love the spaghetti and the ice-cream. All of the food is very yummy. Bye-bye, I will miss you.

Sept 08

It is full of sadness that I write to give you four weeks notice before withdrawing ****** from Little Monkeys.

It has been a hard decision, made all the more difficult by the excellence of Little Monkeys on all accounts. ******* will have been in your charge three days a week for almost 2 ½ years and how happy we have been with the wonderful, caring, and nurturing environment you have provided for both of our sons since October 2005. The welcome, the staff, the atmosphere and the ethos were exactly what we were looking for all that time ago and we have never been disappointed in our decision – especially since we made the decision having visited a building half finished with no toilets or kitchen!

Each day we have gone to work with the reassurance that our children were in the best possible place – what more can parents ask for?

Having calculated that between both ***** and ******* I have dropped off and picked up from Little Monkeys a total of 890 times!! - I am sure we will continue to see each other around – I will probably turn into the car park by mistake!!

It just remains for us to say a huge thank you to you and all the wonderful staff for giving our children such a wonderful second home.

June 2008

I am writing to let you know that, with regret we are giving a month’s notice for **** to leave Little Monkeys.

It’s a sad day!

**** and I would just like you to know how grateful we are to you, Janis and all the girls, in your patience and support you have offered us over the last couple of years. **** has had some wonderful experiences while he has been with you and we really feel very lucky that he has been able to spend the time in the nursery that he has. His knowledge of French continues to surprise us! We just can’t thank you enough!

On a happier note we would like to increase ***** time with you! Would it be possible to perhaps increase him to a whole day on a Monday, after the summer holidays and then in time perhaps another day? It is good to see how happily he has settled in too!

Thank you again for all the care you have given *** – it’s just a shame you don’t run a primary school!

June 2008

I would like to take this opportunity to say how happy ***** has been every Friday that she has spent at Little Monkeys Nursery since the beginning of the year. I chose your nursery because on my first visit the children seemed so calm and happy. The team of careers seemed not only very well trained but appeared to be really enjoying their work with the little one’s. During the whole time ****** has been attending the nursery I have been impressed by your care and commitment and wish you all every success and happiness in the future.

February 2008

Dear Mrs Lunny & Mrs Crutch

Just to thank you most sincerely for inviting us to the splendid and very crowded opening of the second Little Monkeys in Windsor. Both my wife and I thought it was a splendid place to take young children and you are to be congratulated on making such a wonderful facility for the young in Windsor. We both wish you every success in this family business in the future.

Yours sincerely

Leo Walters, Mayor of Windsor

May 2007

We would like to thank you for the lovely time ***** has had in the nursery since she started in Oct 2005. We are sure that if she could, she would thank you for all the fun she has had with everybody there. On our part, we thank you for taking such good care of *****, looking after her manners, health, behaviour and teaching her so many things that we can see new on her almost on a daily basis.

We wish you all the best and success in the future.

May 2007

***** has absolutely adored Little Monkey’s and has been excited to go to school every morning! You have been a great role model for him and he has learnt so much from you! It is difficult to believe that he spoke virtually no English, was in nappies and had his dummy in his mouth 16 moths ago. And look at him now!

Thank you so much for all your care and love for *****, for your love and support. You will stay in our memories and hearts.

We are excited to see you all soon again when ***** joins your nursery.

September 2006

We would like to thank you, your mum and all of the staff for all the love and attention during his time with you. The nursery has provided a wonderful greenhouse in which he has grown and developed. I know he will miss you all. Especially the fine food.

April 2006

To Little Monkeys staff,

Just a wee note to say thank you so much for all the care and attention you have shown **** since he started nursery. He is so happy to arrive and doesn’t want to come home, weekends are so boring!!

Lots of love, Jo and Andy Barraclough

March 2006

I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the excellent standard of care that **** has received during her time at nursery. We have been consistently impressed by the high quality of all the staff, the friendly and warm atmosphere and the excellent standard of activities, food and the obvious thought and preparation that goes into each day – all of which has resulted in a very happy and contented little girl! Please pass on our thanks to everyone who has done a fabulous job in looking after ****.

Little Monkeys Nursery